snow angels

Snow Angels

Do you or someone you know have a hard time clearing their walk of snow and ice?

Are you able to donate a few hours of your time to help keep your neighbours and other community members safer and better able to access their community during the coming winter season?

The Al Ritchie Snow Angels is a volunteer-led community initiative to keep our sidewalks clear through the winter. These are Al Ritchie residents who have come forward to volunteer their time to keep their friends & neighbours’ walks clear during the winter months (approximately November to March, depending on snow fall). ARCA matches those in need with those willing to lend a hand!

Sign up below to volunteer (WE ARE CURRENTLY RECRUITING LEADERS AND VOLUNTEERS FOR THIS PROGRAM). We are not recruiting homes to shovel at this time, but stay tuned.

For more information or to request assistance from the Snow Angels, please contact

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