REACH Good Food Box

Location: 2250 Lindsay Street

The Good Food Box is the next best thing to having a fruit & vegetable stand right on your corner!

This produce is as ripe and juicy as you would find at your local grocery store. It sells for a not for-profit price, often saving you as much as 1/3 to 1/2 of your usual produce bill!

Getting a Good Food Box is simple!

Step 1: Pick your desired box & add-ons!

Good Food Box Options

  • Small ($15.00)
  • Medium ($20.00)
  • Large ($25.00)
  • Fruit Deluxe ($20.00)


  • Fun Fruit ($7.00)
  • Very Veggie ($7.00)
  • Pantry Pack ($15.00)
  • Breakfast Box ($11.00)

Step 2: Bring your payment (cash only) to 2250 Lindsay street and place your order before the order due date, OR place an order online by visiting the Food Box Order Form on the REACH website.

Click Here to Order

Step 3: Return to 2250 Lindsay street on the order delivery date fill your bags and take your delicious produce home.

Two weeks later, we do it all again!

For more information on REACH, their Good Food Box Program, or any of their other food security initiatives, please visit