Al Ritchie Community Gardens

Hours: Open all day, May – September
Location: Crescent Park, Regina
Gocki Park, Regina

We appreciate the care our community gardeners bring to their plots. Let’s grow together!

Contact Information & Plot Rental
Phone: 306-352-3930

Plot Maps


Important Information

We are thrilled to have you join our vibrant gardening community for an enriching growing season. Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of your garden plot.

Plot Fees & Payments
Full Plot: $65 (including a $5 community membership) Half Plot: $35 (including a $5 community membership) Payment Deadline: May 10th, 2023 Payment Methods: Cash at 2250 Lindsay Street, or e-transfer to Note: Unpaid plots by the deadline will be reassigned.
Garden Plot Access
Access Start Date: May 20th, 2023 Please wait until this date before planting.
Water Usage Guidelines
Please be mindful of water consumption; it’s metered. Avoid overwatering and ensure you don’t water neighboring plots. Always turn off taps after use. Excessive water usage may lead to additional fees.
Plot Maintenance
Maintain your plot regularly: weed, water, and care for plants. Our gardens are chemical-free zones: No pesticides or weed killers. For pest/weed concerns, contact us for alternative solutions. Keep within your assigned plot boundaries. Failure to maintain plots could lead to rental refusal in future seasons.
Important Considerations
Do not use grass clippings to avoid attracting rodents. Use the plot at your own risk; ARCA is not liable for loss/damage. Keep lanes and paths obstacle-free. Abandonment, poor maintenance, or illegal plants may lead to plot clearance. Control weeds in your plot and adjacent pathways. All plots must be cleared by September 15th, 2023; a $25.00 penalty applies for non-compliance.
Garden Decorations
Decorations are welcome but should not obstruct pathways or pose safety risks.
ARCA is not responsible for loss/damage to personal property or vandalism.

Gro for Good Contest Winner

We are so honoured to have been chosen as the winner of the @scottslawnca Gro for Good video contest!

Thank you to all those who voted and those who supported our youth on their gardening journey this summer🌱💚

Sponsors | Partners | Donors

We sincerely thank the sponsors who have generously contributed to the Al Ritchie Community Gardens. Their support has been instrumental in nurturing this green space, fostering community engagement, and promoting sustainable practices. Thanks to their commitment, residents have access to a thriving garden, enhancing not only the local environment but also the community spirit.

Their contributions go beyond mere funding; they represent a shared belief in the power of community-led initiatives to create healthier, more connected neighborhoods. We are immensely grateful for their partnership in this valuable project.

Thank you!

Scotts Gro For Good
City of Regina