Residents Asked to Identify Places They Love in Regina

The deadline to complete the Community Safety and Well-being (CSWB) survey has been extended from March 31 to April 16 to ensure more residents have an opportunity to take part. What’s more - the City is launching a new online activity to learn more about spaces that provide residents with a sense of safety and well-being in Regina.

The survey and online activity represents the latest public engagement related to Regina’s CWSB Plan. The survey explores current perceptions of community safety and well-being as part of a collective approach to issues such as poverty and inequality and the development of services for those struggling with mental illness, substance use challenges and homelessness.

Residents are also invited to identify specific locations within Regina that bring them enjoyment and to describe what makes these places feel particularly safe and welcoming. Drop one or more pins on a virtual map of Regina and leave comments about that location. Another option is to provide specific suggestions to help improve safety or access to a needed program or service in a location. These suggestions may relate to creating a space for youth, improving street lighting, resolving noise issues, or removing other barriers that prevent people from experiencing positive well-being.

Visit to complete the survey or participate in the ‘Places I Love’ activity.

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