Cankerworm Spray Program to Start Tuesday, June 8

Cankerworm Spray Program to Start Tuesday, June 8.

City crews will begin to spray for cankerworms in areas of Regina where insect counts are expected to be high and where trees are at highest risk.

More than 5,000 trees will be sprayed with a special organic bacterial product called Dipel. It kills cankerworms but is harmless to pets, wildlife and humans. It is a government-regulated product approved for use.

Residents throughout the city will receive advance notice that spraying will take place near their homes within 48 hours. If spraying can’t be completed within the 48-hour time frame, it will be rescheduled and a new notice will be delivered.

The notice also provides tips to help prepare for spraying in your neighborhood including:

  • Keep family and pets away from spray crews

  • Close windows in the house

  • If possible, move cars off the street

The cankerworm spray program protects our trees and ensures that residents can continue to enjoy a healthy urban forest.

For more information, including a spray sitemap, visit or call the City Pesticide Advisory Line at 306-777-7777.

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