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Proposed Al Ritchie Timeline

by the City of Regina

As per the City of Regina:

The Community Associations will be informed within the first month (4-6 weeks) of the City getting approval to proceed with a Neighbourhood Plan. The first engagement is intended to be 3 or 4 months into the project with a second engagement planned for about 8 or 9 months into the project. The whole plan should be completed within a year.

Initial feedback: areas of interest/concern in the neighbourhood from a land use and built form perspective (these terms were described at the initial come & go Ideas Fair held at the Core-Ritchie Neighbourhood Centre)


To know where to focus to participate fully in the process it would be helpful to read the following and prepare to answer the following questions;

Think about what the community feels is working or not working with current development that is occurring in the neighbourhood.

What do you feel the neighbourhood is missing in terms of employment or other services?
How you would like to see development occur over the next 20 years?
What does your community do well that you would not want to change?
What does the Al Ritchie community mean to you?
For your information, see an overview of the Al Ritchie process/timeline below. Some modifications may be required based on learnings from the initial Neighbourhood Plan and neighbourhood specific circumstances. It is anticipated that future projects will follow a similar process.


If you are wanting to be involved and would like to share your views - please contact us!

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