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Become a Member

Do you live in the boundaries of the Al Ritchie Community Association?  If so, a household membership is $5/year (April 1 - March 31st) and gives you & your family access to all of our programs, events and services we offer at ARCA. PLUS it gives you the chance to vote during our Annual General Meeting where we decide who sits on our Board of Directors and the direction that Al Ritchie should be going in. Keep an eye on the calendar for the dates of each years AGM.


Out of area residents are able to purchase non-resident memberships which allow them to attend programs, providing space is available and the program is open to non-residents. Out of Area Membership is $5 per household (Apr 1 - Mar 31 annually). This allows for everything except for voting rights.

To purchase your membership, please complete the form and make your payment by using the button below.


A reminder that anyone interested in attending our AGM is required to have a valid membership. If you have any issues, please call us at 306-352-3930, or email

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