‘If you are in need, you come here’: Clothing, food, houseware free at Regina community shop and pantry

Al Ritchie Community Association’s community clothing bank and pantry sees about 10 to 20 people a day.

By Samanda Brace · CBC News

A Regina community association is offering a retail experience without the cost.

A mannequin affectionately named Celine Dion greets customers as they walk into the brightly lit Second Chance Community Shop, which is filled with clothing of all sizes and colours without price tags.

The Al Ritchie Community Association relaunched the shop after it closed due to the pandemic, adding a free pantry beside it for shoppers.

The pantry offers everything from fruits and vegetables to hygiene products. There’s two fridges and a deep freeze, along with shelves for dry goods, toiletries, housewares and pet food.
A man dressed in a black shirt looks through clothes in a shop while collecting hangers.
A volunteer collects hangers in the Second Chance Community Shop. (Samanda Brace/CBC News)

“We know how much it helps people and, especially right now with everybody facing so much food insecurity, they really need that extra support,” said Carlee Binkley, the association’s program co-ordinator.

People can drop in, grab a shopping basket and visit the clothing bank or pantry, checking out at the front even though every item is free.

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