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Bag of Groceries

Good Food Box

The Good Food Box is the next best thing to having a fruit & vegetable

stand right on your corner!

This produce is as ripe and juicy as you would find at your local grocery store. It sells for a not for-profit price, often saving you as much as 1/3 to 1/2 of your usual produce bill!

Getting a Good Food Box is simple!


Step 1: Pick your desired box & add ons!


Step 2: Bring your payment (cash only) to 2250 Lindsay street and place your order before the order due date!


Step 3: Return to 2250 lindsay street on the order delivery date fill your bags and take your delicious produce home.


Two weeks later, we do it all again!

For more information on REACH, their Good Food Box Program, or any of their other food security initiatives, please visit

Good Food Boxes

The following 4 boxes generally have 6 standard produce items:

Potatoes | Apples | Tomatoes | Oranges | Lettuce | Bananas

(Contents may change depending on price and season)

Citrus Fruits


Mini Supreme


Contains the 6 standards and typically

1-2 other fruits and 1-2 other veggies.


Gardeners Choice


Contains the 6 standards and typically

2-3 other fruits & 2-3 other veggies.


The Harvest


Contains the 6 standards and typically

2-4 other fruits & 2-4 other veggies.


Fruit Deluxe


Contains all fruit including apples,

oranges, bananas and 3-5 other fruits

depending on price and season.

Add On's

With the purchase of a Good Food Box, you can also order:



Fun Fruit


This all fruit bag will make a sweet addition to your order!

It includes apples, oranges, bananas

and 2-3 other fruits that vary by



Very Veggie


Add this healthy bag of veggies to your order for an even greater

variety! Contents vary by week.


Pantry Pack


Stock your cupboards with these essentials! Bread, Eggs, Pasta, Rice, Brown Beans, Chicken Noodle Soup.

(Contents subject to change)


Breakfast Box


Apple Juice. Orange Juice. Cheerios. Oatmeal. Pancake Mix.

2023 Order Schedule

Place your order by

June 8


June 22


July 6


July 20


August 3


August 17


August 31


September 14


September 28


October 12


October 26


November 9


November 23


December 7


December 14

Pick up on

June 14


June 28


July 12


July 26


August 9


August 23


September 6


September 20


October 4


October 18


November 1


November 15


November 29


December 13


December 20

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