Cultivating Community with Scotts Miracle-Gro

This summer, the AL Ritchie Community Association was fortunate enough to receive a $2500 grant from Scotts Gro for Good grant program, which enabled our youth to embark on a summer of creating and tending to their own, vibrant Community Gardens. The initiative aimed to foster a love for gardening, teach valuable skills, and instill a sense of pride in our youth.

As the gardening season unfolded, the five chosen grant recipients, including the Al Ritchie, eagerly showcased their achievements through videos in the Scotts Grow for Good video contest.

We are thrilled to share that our youth emerged victorious with their amazing video,  securing an additional $2500 grant!

The additional funds will play a crucial role in expanding our garden initiatives, investing in sustainable practices, and enhancing the overall impact of our garden program. From acquiring essential gardening tools to organizing programs and workshops, every dollar will be thoughtfully utilized to continue to nurture and grow our gardens.

As we sow the seeds for a brighter future, we extend our gratitude to Scott’s Miracle-Gro and their Gro for Good grant program for their belief in our mission.