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COVID-19 Updates

Updated May 5, 2021


Effective immediately, Tuesday, March 23, 2021:  

Indoor Public Gatherings Prohibited in Regina and Area

All private indoor gatherings in the Regina area are prohibited immediately.  Regina and area residents may not expand their household "bubble".  All indoor gatherings are restricted to immediate household members only.

Persons who live alone and single parents of minor children are permitted to meet with one, consistent household of less than five individuals.  Co-parenting arrangements are permitted to continue.

Caregivers, support personnel and tradespersons who are not a member of the household are not included in the maximum number of people allowed in that household.

City of Regina Facilities Closed

DEFINED PERIOD OF CLOSURE - Effective March 27, 2021 midnight to April 5, 2021 midnight
City of Regina Facilities; Major Facilities, Neighbourhood Centres, Leisure Centres will be closed for the defined period
Community Operated Centres will be closed with no access by the public

Regina and Area Travel Advisory

A travel advisory is being issued for Regina and area communities.  Travel is not recommended in or out of the Regina area unless absolutely necessary. 
Regina and Area Work From Home Recommendation
It is strongly recommended that all individuals in the Regina area able to work from home do so.
For the past several weeks, the majority of public service and crown employees in the Regina area that are able to have been working from home.  The Deputy Minister to the Premier and President of Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan have both reinforced this direction to all ministry and crown permanent heads that employees in the Regina area that are able to work from home should work from home.  In order to maintain important public services, some employees will remain working in their office setting.


Effective 12:01 am, Sunday March 28:

All restaurants and licensed establishments must close for in-person dining. Take-out and delivery is permitted.
Event venues including banquet and community halls, conference facilities, arts venues, museums, libraries, live theatre, cinemas, arcades, bowling and science centres, or any non-essential indoor locations that had limits of 30 individuals are not permitted to operate at this time.  
Places of worship in Regina will remain at the current capacity level, which is a maximum of 30 individuals.

This public health order amendment and recommendations apply to the city of Regina and area including:  Belle Plaine, Pense, Grand Coulee, Lumsden Beach, Regina Beach, Craven, Lumsden, Edenwold, Pilot Butte, White City, Balgonie, Kronau, Davin, Gray, Riceton, RM of Lajord, RM of Edenwold, RM of Sherwood, RM of Pense and the RM of Lumsden.

Existing public health orders continue to be in effect for all areas of Saskatchewan outside of the Regina area.

All other health measure remain in effect until April 5, 2021.

Based on current COVID-19 transmission rates, the public health order issued effective February 19, 2021 will remain in effect until April 5, 2021.   At that time they will be reviewed by the provincial Chief Medical Health Officer.  This includes:

Regina specific; due to the spike in variant cases of COVID 19;

Private, indoor gatherings remain limited to immediate household members only. Rolled back to family household.
Worship WILL NOT INCREASE. All worship in Regina restricted to max. 30 people until April 5, 2021.
The earlier shared up to 30 per cent of capacity or 150 attendees, whichever is the lesser is now cancelled until at least April 5, 2021.
The public health orders for licensed establishments; sports, fitness and dance; places of worship; and mandatory masking remain in place. 
All non-essential interprovincial travel is discouraged.

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